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Ningbo micro sprout Seed Co., Ltd. was founded in August 2012, with a registered capital of 5 million yuan. Mainly engaged in fruit and vegetable crops, research and development, seed production and sales, is a scientific research, production, management as one of the joint-stock seed companies. Study on the company's existing staff of 15, including 1 senior agronomist, introduced Dr. America 1, master 4, while more than once long service in the international large-scale vegetable seed company, engaged in Vegetable & Fruit breeding, seed production and business, has the ability to breed development, seed production and marketing is very strong. At present, the company has multiple research farms in different ecological areas. Has melon, eggplant fruit, Cruciferae and other seed production base more than 2000 acres. There are many offices or liaison offices in all parts of the country, which are specially responsible for the after-sale service of commodity seeds. Basically, the service network covering the whole country with Zhejiang as the core has been basically built.